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Established in 1926 for "Sport and National Defense"

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All of our courses are taught by the best in-house and guest instructors that can be found. If there is a course you are interested in that is not listed below, one-on-one specialized training is available in any firearms related topic.

As with any of our classes, family discounts and scholarships are available upon application, qualification and approval. 

Please email education@gunsafety.org or call the range office at 360-373-1007 for more information.

We regularly offer the following courses:

  • Personal Protection Level I: This is an entry level course that covers: nomenclature, safety, the law, principles of personal defense, fundamental marksmanship, practical shooting, range safety, live fire, maintenance of skills and equipment.  This is an 8 hour course and the cost is $60 for KRRC members or $75 for non-members.  We will provide the firearms and ammunition as necessary for an extra $20 per student, however, it is recommended that if you do have a personal protection firearm, that you use it and bring 50 rounds of practice ammunition.  This course does center around the use of handguns, but will very briefly discuss the use of rifles and shotguns for self defense.  Contact education@gunsafety.org or call 360-373-1007 for information and registration.
  • Personal Protection Level II: This course requires each student bring 400 rounds of ammunition; a good carry holster that attaches to the belt, covers the trigger guard, and points the muzzle within one meter of your feet; magazine or speedloader pouches; two extra magazines or speedloaders; eye and hearing protection; cleaning and lubrication equipment; lunch;.  Topics and practical exercises include: Equipment, firearm and holster selection, evaluation and set-up; concealed and open carry issues; the draw; shot placement; the controlled pair; the double tap; strong hand shooting; weak hand shooting; the kneeling position; the prone position; use of cover; shooting on the move; multiple threats.  Pre-requisite is our Level I course. Cost is $100 for KRRC members and $125 for non-members. Contact education@gunsafety.org or 360-373-1007 for information or registration. 
  • Personal Protection Level III: Building/House clearing is covered
  • Urban Carbine Level I:
    Level one topics and practical exercises include: Safety; The Carbine; Equipment Evaluation; Ammunition; Internal Ballistics; Transitional Ballistics; External Ballistics; Terminal Ballistics; Accessories; Field Care; Shooting Platforms/Positions; Zeroing; Mechanical Offset; Medium Range Engagement; Secondary Tools.  Each student must provide all the following material: Carbine rifle; Magazines/clips/drums; sling; 150 rounds of Ammunition; weather appropriate clothing; knee and elbow pads; cleaning and maintenance equipment; Eye and Hearing Protection. Each student is encouraged to bring any other tactical gear they intend to use and/or have evaluated. Cost is $75
  • Urban Carbine Level II: 
    Level II topics and practical exercises include: Safety; Lube; Sling; Battle Load; Low Ready/High Ready; Rapid Engagement; Reloads; Malfunctions; Controlled Pair; Double Tap; Mozambique; Combat Glide; Multiple Threats; Support Side Transition and Engagement; Engaging to Cover; Use of Cover.

    Each student must provide all the following material: Carbine rifle; Magazines/clips/drums; sling; 350 rounds of Ammunition weather appropriate clothing; knee and elbow pads; cleaning and maintenance equipment; Eye and Hearing Protection. Each student is encouraged to bring any other tactical gear they intend to use and/or have evaluated.

    Cost is $200 for level II or $225 for both Level I and II combined. There is also a 25%+ discount for KRRC members bringing it down to $165 for both days per student. Any fees are to be paid in advance of the start of the class.
    As a general rule, successful completion of Level 1 is necessary to move on to Level 2. Level 1 bypass is possible ONLY with approval of lead instructor and student understanding that delays due to the student not being properly prepared per the level one class will not be grounds for refund or slowing the rest of the class.
  • Hunters Education: This course is required to obtain a hunting license for all Washington State residents who were born after January 1st, 1972. It is also recognized by all states requiring non-residents to have completed a hunter education course prior to obtaining a non-resident license. This course is held four times throughout the year. Contact us for information on dates and registration for our classes at hunter_ed@gunsafety.org, or call 360-373-1007. $20 per seat is required to hold a spot.  For more information and course registration on the Washington State Hunter Education program, click here.
  • Gunsmithing 101: These courses are firearm specific and teach complete disassembly, inspection, reassembly and lubrication. Firearms include 1911 type pistols, Smith & Wesson Revolvers, Ruger Revolvers, Glock Pistols, AR-15/M-16 type rifles, Remington 870/1100/1187 Shotguns and others.  Each student is required to bring an appropriate firearm with magazines and/or speedloaders; manual for the firearm; any gunsmithing tools you have; cleaning equipment; any aftermarket parts* you want to install - *this class will is not about installation of new parts, but we will help guide you though the process if we can work it in; safety glasses are required.
  • Constitutional Law: Do you know what your rights are? Do you have any rights in what has been described as a post-Christian era? This course will open your eyes to where we are, how we got here and what needs to be done to secure rights for the following generation. This course will give you a new understanding and appreciation for the rights afforded to all men and women by God and enumerated in the Constitutions.
  • Range Officer: The KRRC Range Officer course encompasses those issues that must be addressed while acting as an official representative of your club. Our Range Officer Course includes 8 hours of classroom training followed by a 20-hour requirement of acting as a RO Trainee under the supervision of a skilled Range Officer. This is an excellent course that features topics including shooter safety, range maintenance and range management.
  • Reloading: If you like to shoot, you know how expensive ammunition has become. These courses will teach you how to reload your own ammunition and features training on single-stage, progressive and commercial reloading machines.
  • Personalized Training: Individual personalized training which focuses on your individual needs and current skill level can be arranged to cover any firearms related topic. email: education@gunsafety.org.

For more information on any of these courses listed above or to suggest a course that is not listed here, contact Marcus at 360-373-1007 or email us at education@gunsafety.org.