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Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club

Established in 1926 for "Sport and National Defense"

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2013 Competitive Events

The Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club features a variety of competitive events on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. Some of the regular events we host are listed below.


(United States Practical Shooting Association)

USPSA, or Practical Shooting, is exciting, challenging, and one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the United States. Courses of fire utilize many aspects not found in other disciplines, such as movement by the shooter, drawing from the holster, moving targets, multiple targets and freedom for the shooter to solve the problems presented by the match design. USPSA pistol tournaments are held on the first Saturday of every month at 10am (set-up at 8am), with several multi-gun matches that extend through Sunday planned throughout the year (see calendar for details). For more information about USPSA at Kitsap contact Richard Lively at uspsa@gunsafety.org and visiting our Practical Shooters page by clicking here. You can learn more about the sport and see a terrific representative video by visiting the USPSA website at http://www.uspsa.org!

Fun Steel

Fun Steel is a great entry level handgun speed event. Fun Steel matches are held on the second Saturday of every month with registration beginning at 9:30am and the match promptly at 10am. The cost is $5 per gun and you can shoot up to three guns per match. For more information, contact John Davidson by email at fun_steel@gunsafety.org. Scores and match details are posted here.

Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge (SC) is a national speed shooting sport that has gained greater popularity once the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) took over a few years back. KRRC is a sanctioned club and hosts a number of SC events each year, typically on our Fun-Steel weekend (Second Saturday). Contact John Davidson by email at fun_steel@gunsafety.org. Scores and match details are posted here.


Bullseye features a one-handed test of pistol marksmanship. This group practices every Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm during the spring, summer and fall. The cost is $3 per week for non-members or $20 for the entire season for KRRC members. Bullseye matches are held throughout the year (see calendar for scheduled Bullseye events). For more information, contact Lindell Schmittler at 360-830-5072 or via email at bullseye@gunsafety.org.

Annual Courage Classic

Our Annual Courage Classic, a two day, multi-stage, multi-gun match that pits individuals and teams from law enforcement, the military and civilians against each other in a fun and exciting event that benefits worthwhile charities including the Combat Casualty Assistance Campaign of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.


(Glock Shooting Sports Foundation)

We host the Northwestern Regional Classic. This is a two day, all Glock handgun match. The 2012 event will be September 08 and 09. Several Glock Handguns and other cool Glock products and cash will be given away. All competitors will be entered into a random drawing, as well as being able to win one or more outright if you shoot accurate and fast enough!!! There is a Glock armorer scheduled to be present to look over and tune all your favorite Glocks!

Falling Plate Matches

Personal defense caliber handguns in a man-on-man speed event. Every Tuesday evening and open to all. Starts at 6pm.

Junior Small Bore

KRRC Juniors is a .22 caliber and air rifle-shooting club comprised of kids and adult coaches who share an interest in serious, competitive, Olympic-style rifle shooting. This is the style of shooting done in the Olympic Games and the type of shooting done at the NCAA college level. KRRC Juniors also have an NRA qualification course in four positions (prone, standing, kneeling and sitting) leading to the NRA's highest Junior rifle award, the Distinguished Expert Badge. KRRC Juniors shoot year-round at the Kingston Indoor Range at 6pm every Thursday and May through September on the outdoor range on the second and forth Wednesdays of every month at 5pm. email: jr_smallbore@gunsafety.org for more information.