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Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club

Established in 1926 for "Sport and National Defense"

4900 Seabeck Hwy NW
Bremerton, WA 98312

(360) 373-1007


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Range Phone: 360-373-1007   Fax: 360-373-1082

Address: 4900 Seabeck Highway N.W.; Bremerton, WA 98312 (click here for a map)

General Email: info@gunsafety.org

Executive Committee and current discipline other committee chairmen:

President Brad Smith 253-549-3721 info@gunsafety.org
Vice President Matt Sroka 360-621-0622 info@gunsafety.org
Treasurer Sharon Carter 360-710-9052 info@gunsafety.org
Secretary E.J. Corich 360-871-7852 info@gunsafety.org
Executive Officer Marcus Carter 360-710-8763 info@gunsafety.org
Trustee 1 David Osborn 360-830-4105 info@gunsafety.org
Trustee 2 Andy Casella 360-830-0483  info@gunsafety.org
Trustee 3 John Davidson 360-830-3040 info@gunsafety.org
Safety Committee Sharon Carter 360-710-9052 education@gunsafety.org
Education/Training Chair Marcus Carter 360-710-8763 education@gunsafety.org
Bullseye Pistol Lindell Schmittler 360-830-5072 bullseye@gunsafety.org
USPSA Earl Jull 360-649-3693 uspsa@gunsafety.org
Courage Classic Marcus Carter 360-710-8763 courageclassic@gunsafety.org
Fun Steel/Steel Challenge John Davidson 360-830-3040 fun_steel@gunsafety.org
Youth Small-bore Rifle Mike Hastings 360-710-7195 jr_smallbore@gunsafety.org
Hunter Education Andy Casella 360-830-0483 hunter_ed@gunsafety.org
High Power Rifle Marcus Carter 360-710-8763 high_power@gunsafety.org
Communications/PR Matt Sroka 360-621-0622 communications@gunsafety.org
Website Marcus Carter 360-710-8763 webmaster@gunsafety.org
Environmental Stewardship Dan Daniels 360-373-1007 environment@gunsafety.org