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Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club

Established in 1926 for "Sport and National Defense"

4900 Seabeck Hwy NW
Bremerton, WA 98312

(360) 373-1007



Membership is open to all interested law abiding individuals. Those that make a $200 donation to KRRC are eligible for a probationary membership year and $100 for each subsequent calendar year (January thru December) and a commitment to give 10 hours of volunteer time (or a Club approved equivalent as explained below) during the year, which entitles the member to shoot virtually year round, currently from 8am to 8pm once a safety orientation/RSO training has been completed. (Note: The range may be closed at various times throughout the year due to special and competitive events, range work parties, etc.) Regular Members in good standing are allowed to vote on Club affairs and are eligible to participate in KRRC-sponsored events (some events require an additional entry fee).

Non-voting Associate Memberships* are available to the spouse and dependants of regular members at a cost of $50 per year and Junior (17 and under) memberships* are available at $35 per year. Three-year membership* is two and one half times the dues rate and five-year membership* is four times the dues rate. Life memberships* are available for those who have maintained membership status at KRRC for five consecutive years; the cost is ten times the annual dues rate for regular members. Those who have maintained status as a member in good standing for ten consecutive years AND have reached their 65th birthday, can request Life membership status at no additional fee. (*10 Participation credits are also due for each year of membership in order to maintain status as a member in good standing)

Members can shoot on the primary ranges most anytime a Range Officer is on duty. Currently, there is a Range Officer regularly on duty Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm.  Typical Holiday hours are 9am to 5pm.

**NOTICE** - Members that allow their membership to lapse for more than one year, must re-apply for membership.

  • Membership Renewal: 2014 Renewal Form for current members is available at the range or click here.
  • Membership: New Perspective/Lapsed Member Applications are available at the range or click here.
  • Membership Renewal form for 2013 (good ONLY through December 31, 2013) is available at the range.  May be necessary for unbroken membership and the benefits that accompany that status.

Membership Maintenance Requirements

To maintain status as a "member in good standing", each year a minimum of ten participation credits must be fulfilled by renewal. It is each members responsibility to keep track of the effort they put into the Club and we have developed a "Club Participation Credits" punch card, very similar to the coffee punch cards you get from your local espresso shop for that purpose. There are 10 stars on the card and a star will be punched out by a Range Officer for each hour given, or needed material donations made, to your Club as part of a Club approved support activity (see numbered below some of the ways you can get your cards punched). When the card has been punched out, you simply turn it in to the Club with your name and member number written on the back and you will be credited and your dues for the following year will remain $100. For EACH star not punched out, you will owe $10 in addition to the regular dues to maintain status as a "Member in Good Standing".

Here are some rough examples of how this policy might work for some:

Example A - Throughout the year you are able to give 10 hours of volunteer time to your Club. At the end of the year, you turn in your punch card with your next years renewal form and make a $100 donation, and you'll be in good standing entering that next year.

Example B - Throughout the year you were able to give 8 hours to your Club, you will turn in your punch card with a $20 donation for the two stars that remained un-punched and $100 for your standard dues donation for a total of $120 to renew for the following year.

Example C - Throughout the year you don't do anything but use the range to shoot and do not earn any participation credit, you will need to make a $100 donation for regular membership plus a $100 donation for the 10 unearned participation credits for a total of $200 to renew for the following year.

Example D - Throughout the year you were able to sign up 2 new members, you gave a couple of hours of your time helping to supervise the Junior small bore program to which you also donated a couple bricks of 22LR ammo, a neighbor gave you some building materials you donated to the Club (old doors and or ???) Your card will be punched out and you'll probably receive a couple more stars on your next card, and your dues donation will remain the same.

We will have regular work parties to help those who like to work in a group atmosphere, however, with Range Officer's on duty regularly Monday through Friday from 11am until 7pm as well as Saturday and Sunday from 8am until 4pm, you can come down virtually anytime and there will be something available for you to do. Just call the range to make arrangements. Here are some of the specific ways you can earn your Club Participation Credits: (You can work any combination of the following)

  1. Buy them... $10 ea. We would rather have your time, but if you have more money than time, we'll take that too. (Both is better)
  2. Recruit new members. For each NEW member you sign-up you get credit for 1 star. A new member is someone who is not in our database as a past member. Our database goes back approximately 20 years. If they are in the database, they are not a new member.
  3. Bring out a new participant to a Club match. For each new participant you bring to a Fun Steel, USPSA, or Bullseye Pistol match, we'll punch off one star, EVEN IF THAT NEW PARTICIPANT IS YOU!.
  4. Help out at a work party. These will be scheduled throughout the year and posted on the Club web site. Talent and/or tasks that are needed for our work parties are: General cleanup; landscaping; equipment operation, painting; target stand construction; target repair; maintenance of Club equipment including dump truck, backhoe, tractor, bronco; and facilities maintenance and improvement and etc...etc...etc.
  5. Help out a Club Activity. Club disciplines such as Bullseye Pistol, USPSA, Fun Steel, Classes, Family Fun Days, Courage Classic and others all have special match days and events that need extra help to prepare for and help running those events.
  6. Become a Range Officer. We need lots of folks to step up, get trained and be on the front line in the battle for our image and our range. Being a Range Officer is not for everyone as it requires a great deal of commitment between a special 8 hour class, 20 hours of training, first aid certification and other requirements. It is greatly rewarding and needed.
  7. Donate materials. We need materials to get most these jobs done. Not that we're too picky, but the materials need to be approved prior to getting credit. Lumber, screws, doors, concrete, excavators, bulldozers, steel beams, roofing material...
  8. Use your home, shop or business. Got a wood shop...perhaps you can make us target stands out of the scrap, or shelves and cabinets in our storage boxes. Metal shop? Again, target repair and construction. Printing or graphics savvy? We always need printing and promo materials. Food services? How about feeding, or at least preparing food a work party or event?
  9. What can you do to benefit your club? We are always open to suggestions and will be looking for other creative ways to get the membership involved so we can finish what others have started and create the finest family oriented recreation and sports facilities anywhere! We hope this has clarified the new system and will inspire you to be creative about helping your Club. WE NEED YOU!...not to be a customer, but a Member of Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club!

Need more idea's on how you can fulfill your Club participation commitment? Check out a list of Club needs and projects here.

Guest Policy

We encourage guests!

Anytime a member brings out a guest, they are responsible for that guest and MUST maintain immediate supervision and control of their guest at all times while at the range. Members may bring their spouse and/or their dependant children under the age of 18 as a guest at any time and at no additional charge. Members may bring anyone else for a single trip to the range at no additional fee IF that guest has NEVER been to KRRC before...EVER. The guest will then be expected to join or make a daily use donation of $15 per visit if they wish to continue using the facility.

Again and further...

It is the responsibility of the member to closely supervise their guest's access and use of the facility. Each member may only allow one guest to shoot at a time and only under the memberís immediate supervision. If the member wants to bring out and allow more than one guest to shoot at a time, the member must contact the Club and make arrangements for further supervision. This policy also applies to instructors.