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Kitsap Practical Shooters

Practical shooting has been a long time activity at KRRC. Currently, we are sanctioned by the United States Practical Shooting Association, or "USPSA", sometimes referred to as IPSC, (pronounced ip-sik).  IPSC is the International Practical Shooting Confederation, an international organization of approximately 50 member nations and of which USPSA is the United States chapter. We have regular pistol matches on the first Saturday of each month and an occassional "3 Gun" or "Multi-Gun" matches. Email us at uspsa@gunsafety.org for further details.

2014 Schedule

Dates Match Director(s) Type of Match
February 1 Jim Rogers USPSA Handgun - "Super Bowl XLVIII"
March 1 Aaron Berger/Sarah Fitch USPSA Handgun - Classifier Match. 6 Classifiers
April 5 Lee Peffer USPSA Handgun
May 3 & 4 Marcus Carter USPSA 3 gun - Handgun Saturday, Rifle and Shotgun on Sunday
June 7 Tom Murphy USPSA Handgun
July 5 Greg and Jody Tanori USPSA Handgun

Stage/Match Development Tools

Articles and postings for the development of the athlete.

USPSA participation will teach you better gun handling quicker that any other form of shooting. All members are invited to get involved in the USPSA program. Itís a game of managing speed, power and accuracy under stress. It has proven wise to take advantage of the knowledge from some of the 'Grand Masters' of the game. We'll be posting some tips here that will help your performance.

DVC-Richard Lively

"Making Every Shot Count" A tip by US Champion Max Michel Jr.

  • Forget about the timer, just use it as a starting reference
  • Stay in control of every shot, there is no reason to rush anything
  • Do not get ahead of yourself, focus on your sights and take the stage one shot at a time
  • Aim small, miss small (You are not shooting at the target, you are aiming in the center of the available target area)
  • If you are shooting a 23 round course challenge yourself to only shoot 23 rounds (This means you must be in total control and watching the sights lift and recover) Itís simple math, the more shots you take the longer your time will be


This is a tip that we all know; it is just a matter of reminding ourselves how important it is. I hope you can get the point I am trying to send to you with this tip. The biggest thing to remember is to shoot your game. Do not worry about anyone else or the clock. If you can call and score the hits in real time (as they appear) then do it. This way you know you are in total control. I spoke to Jerry Barnhart about this in the past and he scores his hits in real time with open and limited guns. Do you think he is slower because of it? I THINK NOT! Apply this valuable tip in practice and see the difference.