Send questions to info@gunsafety.org

Are you open?

Yes*. But probably not the way you would like. We continue to fight through two baseless injunctions that prohibit the discharge of firearms on the property.

We are OPEN for archery, air rifles, paintball, airsoft, etc. In other words, anything which doesn't fire ammunition. Heck, bring your slingshots. Please call and/or email ahead to ensure one of our volunteers can be there to check you in.

What is the status of the lawsuits?

Too complicated of a question for a thorough answer... In short, we have defeated the majority of one injunction. The other one is still being fought. We have started the Infringed Blog series specifically to provide the TRUE history of the attacks. In the near future we will also provide a page for keeping status of both injunctions easy to find and read.

More FAQs will be added in the near future, as well.