We Are the Ants

We Are the Ants

The Pixar movie A Bug's Life is in the ballpark of 30 years old. I remember my kids watching it enough times that some of the lines stuck. The quote on the featured image to this article is one of the most accurate, most memorable lines to come out of Hollyweird in my life.

"It's not about food, it's about keeping those ants in line," the lead grasshopper says when correcting some soft behavior from his enforcers. Folks, we are the ants.

While people ponder the meaning of this, they sometimes get stuck on that line. The real message here is about the ants' behavior, not the grasshoppers' iron fist rule. They're too... something... to figure out the true meaning—that if they band together, they'll take back their lives and power. What is that something? In the movie, it came down to being busy making quota and being afraid of the grasshoppers. I'd say that's half the case for use bipeds here in real life.

The other half is a bit more painful to say, because it is bluntly honest. If it hurts your feelings, well... good. We are too distracted and too apathetic. Since I can't speak for you or any other individual person reading this, I'll speak to the patterns of modern society. We have our phones in our face an average of 3.5 hours per day. On top of that, we binge watch our subscription channels on TV hundreds of hours per year. And apathy plays right into it. The vast majority of people who gripe about tyranny take no action to fight it. The same people whine about the puppet in DC and his evil handlers. They hop on Facebook daily and complain about unjust attacks on Christians, conservatives, and masculinity. What are you doing about it?

Ninety percent of the BS legislation that strips our rights happens at the local and state level. But when was the last time you emailed your commissioners? Or went to a city council meeting in person? They get away with it because we as a society let them.

If the literally thousands of people that complain about the gun club not being fully operational would start taking true, active, consistent measures to hold the county commissioners' feet to the fire—things would start to happen.

The last thirty members of this club need you. We've been fighting for the property rights of 330,000 apathetic Kitsap residents for years upon years. Think about that! About thirty of us have kept the taxes paid and the office opened under two injunctions, not able to discharge firearms—for close to nine years. In the mean time, thousands of Kitsap shooters have gone to the woods or to the ranges that bent a knee to the crown. Our story will end some day, whether in victory or defeat. But I suppose they'll just watch the documentary on Netflix.

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