Our Values

All who follow the Golden Rule are welcome, regardless of the word-salad classification games people play. In short, respect given is respect earned.

We above most all others in this county, if not the state of Washington, understand the importance of fighting for your rights at all costs.

We understand that government has but one role—to protect our individual rights.

We understand that people of all races, cultures, orientations, and religions can love America and Liberty—or hate them.

We understand that government doesn't create wealth—that is does not have any money to spend or give away that it did not first take from citizens.

We understand that compassion for the needy can't be outsourced through illegal taxation.

We understand that an organization which prefers quality over quantity membership shall thrive.

We understand the truth—the same folks that claim the police are inherently biased also think only the government should have guns.

We understand that the movement to fundamentally change America has been by design... And that there is no man-made solution to a Spiritual problem.